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20 Minute Full-Body Cardio Workout with Weights for Women | Easy, Low-Impact Exercise for Beginners

20 Minute Cardio Workout with Weights for Women | Easy, Low Impact Exercise for Beginners

20 Minute Cardio Workout with Weights for Women

This easy 20-minute cardio low-impact workout uses weights and is perfect for women to shape and tone their entire body! Plus, it is super low-impact and easy on the joints 🙂

*always remember to do a brief 2 minute warm-up before going full-throttle on any workout regimen you have!

20 Minute Cardio Workout Routine (do the entire set 2x)

Surrenders ( do for 60 seconds)

Take a pair of heavy weights, load them at your shoulders (make sure they do not rest on your shoulder!), and lunge each leg back to a kneel position, making sure you keep your legs at a 90 degree angle. Then one leg at a time, lift yourself up, again keeping your legs at 90 degrees.

Side Shuffles ( do for 60 seconds)

Shuffle from one end of the room to the next, making sure to squat and touch the ground once you reach the end of the shuffle.

Standing Full-Body Crunches ( do for 30 seconds on each leg)

Balance on your right leg, lean your body to the right, lift your right arm and lift your left leg and bring your left elbow down to touch your knees. Make sure you are really emphasizing that crunch when your knees and elbows touch. After 30 seconds, switch over to your left side and repeat!

Squat Leg Raises (do for 60 seconds)

With a heavy pair of weights, spread your feet to shoulder-width and squat down, making sure to bring all the weight to your heels. Then from your squat position, lift your body up and then lift one leg in a raise. With every squat, be sure to alternate your leg lifts.

Arm Raises (do for 60 seconds)

Take a pair of lighter weights, turn your palms down facing the floor, and lift your arms up to shoulder height.

Bent-Over Rows (do for 60 seconds)

Take a pair of heavy weights, bend forward keeping your back straight and place your weights in front of you, palms facing each other. Then, row both weights making sure to hold the back crunch. Imagine that you are trying to hold a pencil with your back muscles whenever you are rowing your weights back.

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Fitness doesn’t have to be hard!

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym everyday, starve yourself with bland “healthy” food, or kill your knees during your workout.

Fitness helps us in so many ways (skin and cardiovascular health, disease prevention, detoxification, endurance, stamina, etc.), but we don’t need to dread it all the time.

A Helpful Tip!

I would be lying if I said I look forward to all my workouts.

[Spoiler alert: I don’t]

So if you find yourself dragging your feet or coming up with another excuse to NOT get sweaty, tell yourself you’ll only do 10 minutes of exercise. Ten minutes is all you’ll need to break the mental block and more likely than not, will encourage you to keep pushing past your limits. Never give up on yourself! All you need is a little push.

A good workout routine is perfect, but I have learned exercise can never cancel out a bad diet.

No matter how many miles I would run or weights I would lift, I did not see a shift in the scale until I ate foods that were TARGETED to raise my metabolism, keep me satiated, and give me more energy to tackle the day.

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Busy Girl’s Guide to Meal Plan Domination is my simple guide to creating and planning weekly meals. I’ve learned a great deal from the process and I simply had to share that knowledge with you.

Within these pages, you’ll learn meal planning basics from getting into the right mindset to choosing specific foods that target your metabolism.

Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

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What is your workout schedule like? Do you enjoy working out?
Comment and Share below!

Sincerely, Amanda

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