8 Things I wish I knew weightloss
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8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Weight Loss Journey

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Weight Loss Journey

If I ever had a time machine, these are the 8 things I would tell my younger self before I started my weight loss journey…. it gets REAL, Queen Bees!

  1. FAD DIETS AND CUTTING FOOD GROUPS won’t work for you!

I did every sort of diet under the sun. Atkins, Fit for Life, Eat your Blood Type diet, Paleo, vegetarian, blah blah blah!

The problem I had with every single one of these diets was my mindset.

I only did them to get to a short-term, temporary goal.

I wanted to lose weight for a cruise. I wanted to drop 5 pounds for a wedding in 3 weeks.

I wasn’t in it for the long term….and when I was “done” with the diet, I would resort to eating the same way I always have- and would gain all the weight back…AND THEN SOME!!! How frustrating is that!?

If this sounds like something you do all the time, stop and really really really think about what you are going to do to yourself.  Do you want to live a healthy life forever, or put your body through dozens of diets and intense weight fluctuations? You can only do that for so long.

You only have one body. Mistreat it enough and it’ll haunt you like 2 scoops of Americone Dream ice-cream…..It’ll be a shit show.

Which reminds me… you’re also allergic to dairy….but you’ll eat your fage anyways.

2. You Can’t Workout a Bad Diet – EVER

You are what you eat. Stop gagging at the cliche…it’s a thing for a reason.

With the way I was eating, no matter how hard I busted my ass at the gym, I never saw the results I wanted. Plus, I felt my body and muscle soreness took sooo much longer to heal. Because i wasn’t feeding it essential nutrients for adequate recovery.

Your body needs good, wholesome foods. All the macronutrients from protein, grains, veggies, fruits, fats are what help you recover, avoid injury, and ultimately, lose weight.

Working out only contributes 20% in your overall weight loss. MEANING….if you are eating pizza, beer, and gummy worms every day thinking your workout will erase it all…you are sadly mistaken.

Abs are made in the kitchen…in fact, all the healthy body tropes you are looking for are made from your diet choices. Eat well, get a leaner, fit body. Simple and easy.

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3.  Counting Calories Won’t Work For You

MyFitnessPal…you heard of it? I was the MFP Queen of 2009. I lived and breathed for tracking EVERYTHING.

Sometimes didn’t have enough calories to cover dinner and I would feel hungry ALL the time.

I transformed into this obsessive-compulsive eater and I really began to hate the idea of eating. I would self-sabotage and constantly punish myself if I messed up or ate something I should not have. Basically, my body and mind went through exhaustion. When I saw food as a crux, I knew I was doing something wrong.

I was in a bad headspace with counting calories. Basically, if you enter into a negative relationship with anything…you need to STOP. Because it’s not a healthy mindset AND it’s not sustainable for you.

Instead, look for options that work better for you. Focus on eating more wholesome foods like meat, whole grains, veggies, fruits. If you want to learn more about the method of eating that I have had the most success with, check out my clean eating strategy post!

4. The Scale is not the boss of you

I used to wake up every morning, weigh myself, and depending on how much I weighed, it would set the tone and mood for the entire day.

God FORBID if I gained an ounce, because I would endlessly beat myself up over and over for what I ate to make me gain the weight. And little did I realize that the scale only told ONE part of the entire story of what is really going on with my weight loss journey.

I learned that when it comes to the scale, take it at face value and understand it is not the tell-all, be-all of what is happening with your body. Other “non-scale” victories like inches lost around your tummy and how your clothes fit are much SWEETER indications of all the hard work you did to be healthy.

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5. Gym sessions don’t have to be 2 hours long.

You don’t have to workout for 2 hours at the gym to get the results you are looking for. In fact, working your muscles HARD in just 30-45minutes 4-5 times a week is a MUCH better use of your time, AND you get the results you are really looking for.

6. You don’t have to workout at a gym to lose weight

I used to think that I need equipment like a treadmill, 7 sets of dumbbells, a good 1000 square footage of clearance in order to have a good home workout. Plus, how else am I going to catch up on my latest podcast episode while waiting in line for my next machine?

Seriously, I used to wait 5-10 minutes for every machine I wanted to use, and when I did finally get the chance to use them, seat would be warm and sweaty because no one cleaned them. 


But in reality: You only need adjustable weights, a good workout routine program, and a small space to do what you gotta do. And no waiting for machines or cleaning up someone else’s ass sweat off the seat.

I’ll clean off my own ass sweat thank you very much.

I love working out from home and I like to use my online fitness library called Beachbody OnDemand where I can workout efficiently, quickly, with just the right amount of equipment and get great results.

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7. Lifting Weights isn’t Going to Make you Bulk

I know what you’re thinking. If you’re a lady, lifting weights will surely turn your body into a rock hard, scary, sinewy, body-builder She-Hulk. At least that was what I thought.

Weights used to terrify me. I was afraid I was going to severely hurt myself or cause permanent damage and break every bone in my body.

Little did I know – body builders are on their OWN level of muscle building. They do MUCH MUCH more than lift dinky 25lb weights. There is years of training, additional supplements, regimented feeding times, 2-4 HARD daily workouts…

You need to be REALLY REALLY trying to get even close to that. So there is nothing to worry about.

When it comes to weights, I believe it is the best time investment for your body. It develops your muscles, increases your metabolism, and will help you burn calories 4-8 hours AFTER your workout is done. Isn’t that awesome???

You can read more about why girls should be lifting weights and all the amazing benefits associated with it in this post.

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8. Love your god-given curves, honey!

This might sound scary but hear me out….

I need you to take some time to yourself. Go to your room or somewhere private with a mirror, get naked, look at your reflection, and take one LOOOONG look at yourself.

There is a reason for this…

No matter how much weight you lose in the future, your perception of your body will not change – unless- you change your perception. Got it?

You can be 100lbs lighter and STILL think you’re ugly, fat, and gross. But that is merely a perception, not the reality.

Look at your reflection, look at your curves, and pick out what you LOVE about your body. Your curvy butt. Your strong legs. Your toned arms. Whatever it is, recognize it and appreciate it. See and accept what is in front of you.

Once you can learn to accept what you are, where you are, at this current point in your journey, you can really begin to embrace the weight loss experience and not be completely OBSESSED with just the results.

You are in the health game for the long term. So why be miserable and unhappy for the majority of it? Enjoy the process. Love your strengths and forgive yourself for your mistakes. It’ll go a LONG LONG way towards getting you to your goals. I promise.

Did you learn anything new from this? What things would you tell your younger self?

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