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9 Signs of Negative People in Your Life


Today, I wanted to touch on something that I was recently thinking about that is near and dear to my heart….

and that topic is identifying negative people in our lives….

When it comes to living a life that is more fulfilled and meaningful, we start to recognize that surrounding ourselves with happy, positive people keeps us motivated and hopeful, while negative people can suck our mental energy and make us feel inadequate.signs of negative energy in people

And sometimes, it can be hard to discern if someone has a negative impact on your life, so I decided to make a list of the top 9 signs of a negative person, starting with…

1. A Constant Worrier

As well meaning as this may sound, a negative person may be a constant worrier who fixates on bad outcomes, fear tactics, and constant reminders of why something is a bad idea. In the world of being an entrepreneur or just starting something new, these people will look to drag you down with their own fears and concerns, holding you back from your goals.

2. A Whiner or Complainer

These types of negative people are constantly whining and complaining about almost everything in their lives, from their hobbies to their living situation. People like these see a rainbow and still find something negative to say about it. As much as we want to soothe and get to the bottom of their complaint, more often than not, negative whiny people enjoy complaining and have no intention of changing.

3. Pessimists

These negative people, fondly termed as “negative Nancy’s”, walk around with a cloud above their head and always see the glass half-empty. They choose to not focus on the good in their life, but instead stay fixated on sad and depressing perspective. Basically, these types of people are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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4. Under Achievers

Very much like the constant worrier, under-achieving negative people are afraid to take risks and move away from their comfort zone, regardless if that said comfort zone is abusive, sad, depressing, or soul-sucking. As sad as this sounds, under-achievers will take this insecurity and attempt to influence your decisions of taking risks with a fearful eye, making you feel scared and uncertain about going forward with something new.

5. Energy Suckers

Energy sucker negative people are considered “takers” in the relationship. During a regular conversation, negative people can literally suck out the good positive energy you may have, leaving you feeling drained, demotivated, and depressed. If you ever left a relationship feeling constantly tired, sad, and drained afterwards, you probably just had brunch with an energy sucker.characteristics of negative people

6. The Victim

These victimizer negative people are very prevalent and can often be mistaken for “poor unfortunate souls” that we feel sorry for. However, a negative person will resort to being the victim in every situation, claiming he/she was wronged and a victim of circumstances, taking ZERO responsibility for their actions and instead blaming others. These type of people also believe they are always right and will argue with you until you give in.

7. Drama Queens

Probably not as harmful as the victim, however Drama queen negative people claim to hate drama but always seem to be caught in the dead-middle of it all, whether it was self-inflicted or an external circumstance. More likely than not, drama queens are looking to mimic a missing internal feeling of excitement and purpose (something that internally naturally happens with positive people) and will therefore cause or look for chaos externally to get that same internal “high” of excitement. But all it does is drag you down.signs of negative people in your life

8. Angry Negative People

These people are one of the most sinister, in my opinion. Angry people who harness and hold onto their anger for a very long time will find themselves manifesting it and harming others with their poor behavior. Manifestations of anger range from physical and verbal abuse to passive aggressive harmful actions like talking behind someone’s back, spreading rumors, and basically sabotaging someone for the sake of knocking them down to their level. When you experience these type of people, no matter what you do, they will ALWAYS find something negative to say about you and your habits and will try to take you down.

9. The “Never Good Enough-ers”

Probably the most depressing of all are the negative people who will make you feel completely inadequate, no matter what you do to try to please them. These types of people are hyper-critical, super needy, and are always attempting to change something about you, whether it be your clothing style, your personality, your friends, etc. Because of their own insecurities, they will always find something wrong with you, and no matter what you do to be better for them or to please them, they will not recognize it and you will find yourself constantly battling the “I’m not good enough” syndrome.

combat negativity

The more aware we are of negative influences, the better we can grow and surround ourselves with positive influences

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Have you experienced these types of people in your life before? Share and Comment below!

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