My name is Amanda, and I am the Buzzed Coach! I started this website to help you not only live HEALTHY, but also live JOYFULLY and filled with vigor. I want YOU to be DRUNK on happiness and be in a constant state of ABUNDANCE in your life, with the right motivation, inspiration, and lifestyle tips to help ease you on your journey!

Now I wasn’t always this positive about the world of health and fitness. In fact, I was quite the opposite of who you see here today.

about amanda

I want to turn the clock of time back to a few years ago in 2007, when a younger, less healthy me discovered that I was experiencing symptoms of genetic hair-loss, exacerbated from poor dieting practices.

Yup, it turns out living life as a broke college student, eating gummy worms and calzones at small hours in the night, did not do so well on my hair or physical health.

In fact, my discovery happened when I was combing my hair before rushing off to class for an exam, when I noticed my bare scalp reflected in the mirror. I was horrified.

I, a 22 year-old girl, am BALDING.

For a while, I wanted to ignore it. After all, maybe it was stress from college life that was causing this temporary hairloss. But as the years went on, my hairloss got worse, and my scalp more visible.

And while all this was happening, I was fighting the belly bulge. I would workout at the gym for long hours, waiting in line for the next available machine, and avoiding eye contact with some questionable gym dudes who seemed more interested in picking up girls than weights.

It was here that I developed a strong hate for exercising.

It’s sweaty, uncomfortable, and it required me to move around. Not cool. Plus, it ate up almost 2 hours of my time whenever I would to it, and as a busy college kid and soon after young adult with a job, I really struggled to find the time (which was fine by me because I hate working out so much).

Then, I would leave to go to my college cafeteria and eat my brains out. I pigged out on sugary foods and not enough wholesome vegetables. But I thought I was ok, because I was counting my calories and tracking it on myfitnesspal.

Yeah, I thought I was doing OK. But the weight did not want to budge.

One fateful day, as I was washing my hair in the shower, forcing myself to not look at my belly and jiggly thighs, I noticed globs of hair in the drain….it was my hair, all freshly fallen off my scalp!  I then began to notice a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I remember this EXACT moment because all I heard in my head was, “OH CRAP. Look at what I am doing to myself”.

It was then that I accepted that my health was spiraling out of control. I needed to do something and I needed to do it NOW.

I did lots of research (engineer in me, right?) and I created a website dedicated to my findings of the causes and natural solutions to androgenetic alopecia for women. This was a labor of love that took me almost 2 years to build. It was my first real foray into an internet business, but I barely skimmed the surface, and didn’t reach that many people online.

But, with all good things, it was with the launch of this website that another opportunity came knocking; I was offered with the opportunity to start an online coaching business with Beachbody.

about amanda

Now before you ask why Beachbody, let me give you a quick factoid about how my hairloss journey led me to this company.

Hair needs lots of nutrients and oxygen to survive. It is also the first thing to go when your body does not get all the nutrients it needs.

I know with my dieting habits and forays into various dieting fads like Paleo, Atkins, and South Beach, my body was in a constant state of hunger. Because I was so malnourished and ignorant to what my body was telling me, I was putting my body into survival mode, triggering my hairloss to start earlier than expected.

And to my surprise, the key to healthy hair is actually the key to overall health, which is…..ready for it……DIET AND EXERCISE.

well….damn it.

Did I mention I hate working out? My past experiences at the gym solidified my hate for exercise even more, and it was good cause for me to slack and just not show up to do a workout for 2 months.

Visions of dumbbells and smelly sweaty people flashed in my mind when I was presented with the coaching opportunity.

Me? A coach? I can barely walk by a pizza without making out with it; how can I possibly be a coach???? Are you nuts?!?

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So I politely turned the offer down and trudged back to my regular day-to-day life. My hair website was doing well, but it certainly wasn’t going to take off. I had a passion for helping and educating others, but I really lacked the support and the know-how on networking.

about amanda

In the final hours, I reassessed my life and really thought about what I wanted.

I wanted to feel healthy. I wanted to have a full head of hair. I wanted to feel like a woman. I wanted to feel desirable. I wanted to feel beautiful. I also wanted to run my own business full time. I wanted to fit in a size 6 pair of jeans.

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I then turned around and decided that I was ready to make a change. I became a Beachbody coach.

I was tired of struggling with my weight and worrying about the right types of foods to eat; luckily, BeachBody was the final push I needed to fully dedicate my life to the pursuit of health AND start my own online business.

I chose a BeachBody program (PiYo), signed up to be a coach, and dove headfirst, and I have not looked back since.

about amanda

I lost 20 lbs, 4″ from my waist, regained my self-confidence as a leader, and best of all, most of my hair grew back!!!! 

I have never felt so fulfilled from my work or constantly excited to share my enthusiasm for nutrition and exercise with my challengers and the world. As I progressed, I collected healthy tips for women looking to lose weight and keep it off!

Today, I live in the lovely town of Pawcatuck, Connecticut, living life and having a blast, counting my blessings every single day for the wonderful opportunity to share my passion with others as a BeachBody coach. In addition to coaching, I am an engineer, artist, singer, blogger, and a general goof-ball.

Laughter is the best medicine, and I always look for reasons to smile every day.

I aspire to learn something new everyday from my environment, friends, family, or from my work.  Everything is an opportunity to grow and develop, and I look to help others attain their health and fitness goals with this positive mindset. I look forward to working with you soon!

-Amanda     xoxo


  1. Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!

    1. Amanda says:

      aw thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Ramon Flores says:

    Hello, I was just looking at a Beach Body commercial on TV. and landed on your youtube review. Since I’m thinking on signing up for this, how do I sign up thru you? I like the idea of you being able to answer questions, if needed. Thank you.

    1. Amanda says:

      Hi Ramon! That is so awesome that you’re kicking off your fitness journey and taking care of your health! Major kudos!
      If you still haven’t signed up yet or want to have me as your coach to field questions, be sure to put in my coach ID: 723984 when signing up or transferring over to me as your coach. Either way, the Beachbody customer service person can totally walk you step-by-step through this part. Of course, let me know what other questions you might have (and you can also send questions my way via email: [email protected]). Best of luck!

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