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How to Afford Shakeology without Breaking your Budget

So you may have heard about the wonderful powers that is Shakeology, a superfood beverage that is derived from whole foods grown from around the world including ashwagandha, reishi, and camu-camu (just to name a few).

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But perhaps it’s not the wholesome goodness of this shake that is concerning to you; or even its lack of artificial sweeteners or absence in added sugar content. Maybe it’s not even how awesome these shakes taste either.

If you were anything like me, your hang-up might be about the price.

Yup, you are probably reading this post because you saw the price for a 30-day supply of Shakeology and absolutely had a meltdown. I’ll be honest, I had the same reaction when I first heard about this shake.


I mean who in their right mind would ever want to pay $130 at full retail (I actually get a 25% monthly discount as a coach) every month for some shake that has more foods than your mind has room to comprehend! I mean, it can’t be worth all that money, right?

I was a huge skeptic, and obviously refused to try Shakeology for a few months into my coaching career, until I decided to relook at my budget.
For those of you that saw my recent financial situation, I had massive student, car, and credit card debt. Like…I really put myself in a huge hole financially, and was feeling the noose tighten around my neck and wallet. I wasn’t tracking any of my spending because quite frankly, looking at my bank account made my stomach lurch in sickness.

I was also experiencing health issues, particularly with my hair. I started balding in college because of my terrible diet and inconsistent workout schedule, which eventually led me to Beachbody and their 1-2 punch approach of dedicated workout programs and essential supplements like Shakeology.
As a former hater of Shakeology, I have really come to appreciate the importance of good nutrition, when done in tandem with fitness to create an optimal environment for better health.
When I began to incorporate the shakes into my diet daily, I saw greater results, from faster muscle recovery, stronger immune system, better absorption of vitamins and minerals (because it’s food and not a pill!), and ultimately thicker hair and a toner, healthier lifestyle, helping me be 15 lbs lighter!!! 90DayTransformation

At this point, I needed to keep it going with Shakeology, but a lot of stuff was hurting financially!

So after much pushing from my boyfriend, I picked up Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover and started to read. After chapter 1, I realized I was a poor financial tracker, whose refusal to budget anything really shot me in the foot.

Thus I decided to finally track my spending, and whatever money I would save, I would put it towards my Shakeology purchase.

Before I knew it, I paid off my credit card debt and my car loan, and now I am making a huge dent in one of my school loans, slowly crossing out all my school debt, one dollar at a time all the while spending smartly on items I need for my business and the general fun things in life.

After I was able to easily save up for my first challenge pack purchase of a workout program and Shakeology ($140), every month became a little easier because I was posting real results from my workouts and shakeology intake (being a product of the product), inspiring people to try the shakes right along with me; the monthly commissions I would get would eventually pay for my Shakeology so I don’t have to budget it in anymore.

So here is how I restructured my budget so I did not have to spend a dime on Shakeology:

Step 1: Set a Goal

So first and foremost, I needed a goal.

To start as a coach, I needed $140 on my first month to get my personal website, online office, workout program package, and Shakeology.

Goal = Rebudget $140 for month 1


Step 2:  Track your spending habits for one month (or look at a previous month).

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.53.06 PMThis includes groceries, loan payments, lunch dates, gas payments, morning coffee, insurance premiums, gym membership, clothing purchases (mostly from Kohls) and other random purchases from my favorite shopping places like TJ Maxx and Christmas Tree Shop (I mean seriously, don’t you just love a bargain?).

When I say track everything, TRACK everything! Buy gum? Track it. Buy a root beer? Track it. Purchased an audio book? Track it!!!

Step 3: highlight what you NEED for survival.

highlight your MUST NEED items
For me, this was stuff like groceries, school loans, rent, insurance premiums, etc. Remember, ONLY stuff you need to survive!!! (coffee does not count! It’s amazing, but you can live without it)


Step 3: Look at the items you did not highlight

Those items are your WANTS, the things that are not vital for survival but that you do for enjoyment or to make your life interesting. For me that was eating out, buying lunches at work, my coffee purchases, and beer/alcohol purchases at stores or for happy hour at a bar with my friends.
Now, if you are serious about losing weight or getting healthy, you will NEED to do this next step.
It’s vital, crucial, and it will be hard for you, but if you are not willing to change your current lifestyle and take back control of your body, I know you will end up back at square one, because that has happened to me more times than I can count.


Step 4: Line out the times you will give up

I know this hurts. I wasn’t too happy when I first did this either, but I promise not all is lost.

track spending, save money on shakeologyNow for the lined out WANT items, write the number $0 next to it, and subtract the old number and the new number and draw a box around the difference (e.g. for bought lunch cost, I lined out that item completely and set it to $0. So my difference would be the old spending value $13.56 subtracted by the new spending value $0, and I drew a box around the value difference, $13.56.)
 track spending, how to not spend money on Shakeology

The same can be done If you are looking to REDUCE how much you spend on one item per month. For example, I want to cut down my coffee intake from $35 to $15 a month. So I subtract the old value from the new value, $35-$15= $20, and I draw a box around the $20 value:


Step 5: Add up all the WANT item cost values you have drawn a Red box around

budgeting, how to afford shakeology
So for me, that would be $75+ $13.46 +$20 +$45+$24+$60=$237.46

Ok, what just happened?

The $237 value I added up is the calculated total amount I can save every month if I changed some of my spending habits.
In my case, I am able to SAVE $237/month, which is well above my goal of $140/month for my 1st month purchase of Shakeology and workout program.
I now have enough to buy this challenge pack with Shakeology to help me get into the best shape of my life with an all-natural shake filled with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Step 6: Add back in what you can afford

So my 1st month, I needed the $140 to get my challenge pack with Shakeology and from my savings calculations of $237/month, I have$237-$140=$97 left to do what I wish.


That means I can add that $97 back into some items for my weekly spending or save that money in a savings account. It’s totally up to you!

And that’s it! Rebudgeting and tracking your spending may sound like a tooth extraction, but really, it’s a way for you to take back control of our finances where you TELL your money where to go, instead of the other way around.

Plus, when you prioritize your health first and do the right maintenance work on your body early, you are INVESTING in yourself for a long, happy, productive life, devoid of hospital visits and medical bills.

What do you think of my strategy? Do you know of other ways to save money to afford Shakeology? Share and comment below!

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