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You may have heard about the kooky concept of asking the universe questions and getting answers to them. This is based on the universal law of attraction, where you receive good things for your life if you just learn to ask the Universe for it….sounds super weird right?

Well, like many things, I decided to test this theory out, and in my journey to better understand why this concept supposedly “works”, I learned that the way we ask our questions largely depends on our belief and vision of what we really want and desire.

For example, I learned you can’t ask the Universe for money straight up. It’s far too broad and vague.

There needs to be specificity – enough so that I can see the exact amount and what it will be used for.

Like….I need exactly $459 to pay for coaching services to help me grow in confidence and know-how when it comes to running an internet business.

It’s specific, targeted to a specific goal and use.

Do you already see an image of yourself busting doors down and absolutely crushing your business? If so, you are doing the asking correctly.

This simple change in thought is the difference between encouraging peaks of money that begin to trickle your way and closing your eyes to other money-making opportunities. It’s weird and far-out, but the total idea is to visualize what you want and get it, because you deserve to have it.

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Perhaps, my definition of the “Universe” is different, but I see plenty of merit behind the thought process, and I am seeing that what some may call the Universe, others may call them different names – whether that be God, Force, Mother Nature, Higher Intuition, Aliens, or whatever.

Whatever “that” thing is, it all starts with an open-mind and a deep burning desire to get what you want and KNOWING it will manifest in ways you may or may not have expected.

In many ways, asking the universe for help can give us the answers to the questions and desires we are looking to solve – IF we are looking and open to receiving the signals.

Ok, if I blew your mind or completely lost you on this, it’s totally cool. This concept is food for thought and if anything, a good approach to taking control and living a more fulfilled life brimming with opportunity and positivity.

What do you think?

Is the Universal Law of Attraction too far-fetched? Or do you believe in its power?

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