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Beets Make the Smiles Go ‘Round

As I am diving deeper and deeper into the world of losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, I am realizing more and more that I need to really focus on foods that are super high in nutrient content, but will also make me WANT to eat them.

One of my many healthy food discoveries I made was beets.

Sadly, I used to think eating beets was really gross

Everything about it spelled out “YUCK”….the dark purpley-ness, the soft texture. I really didn’t know how to handle myself around a beet. And then I turned 23 and suddenly decided to get over my inner 4-year-old and actually try one.

I realized a very important thing about myself….


I started adding them to my salad as a topper, which proved to be extremely delightful to my tastebuds and to the aesthetic of my dish. I remember the heavens opening up and unveiling its splendor as I was chewing.

Then, I began just eating beets straight, with a sprinkle of salt and a dash of red-wine vinegar. whenever I am grocery shopping, I cannot help but admire the packaged marinated beets in the produce aisle.

Why are beets so flipping fantastic?

I was very happy to discover that beets do in fact have awesome benefits for your body and mind. Not only that, beets 5 reasons actually…


1. Beets give you essential vitamins your body needs

We are talking vital nutrients like manganese, iron, Vitamin C, and B-vitamins, which helps with your immune system, muscle function, liver, bone, and kidney health.

2. Beets help with blood circulation and may decrease blood pressure and heart disease

Eating beets or even drinking beet juice can help your blood circulation in a matter of hours. Beets contain naturally-occuring nitrates, which are then converted into nitric oxide in your body; this in turn helps dilate your blood vessels, improve blood flow, and hence decrease your blood pressure.


3. Beets may have anti-carcinogen benefits

That deep color that makes up a beet contains a ton of phytonutrients that can potentially reduce your risk of cancer. Research has shown that beet root extract mixed into drinking water reduced multi-organ tumor formations in some animals; other studies are currently going on for other cancers including pancreatic, breast, and prostate cancers.

4. Beets can give you a huge boost in your endurance performance

If you are struggling with your workouts, eating/drinking beets will definitely give you that boost. Because of those awesome nitrates in beets, your body has greater circulation, helping your stamina with your exercise. Studies have shown that athletes who drank beet juice prior to their workout exhibited 16% greater endurance. Definite food for thought!


5. Beets increase your mental clarity and focus

With the increased blood flow from the naturally-occuring nitrates to your brain, you will feel greater mental clarity and have a better time focusing on your tasks.

Basically, beets are the bomb

So the next time you are on the hunt for a tasty treat that will give you hyper-intensive good benefits, be sure to check out beets 🙂

Warning: do NOT be alarmed when you head to the bathroom after eating beets and seeing a very different color urine or poo for that matter. It’s your body’s way of saying “thank you, I am functioning a ton better now!”

What recipes do you like to add beets to? What was your beet love story? Share and comment below!
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Beets are just one of the many foods that I love to add to my eating repertoire every week. If you are looking to get in better touch with your food, learn new recipes that are both packed with nutrients and flavor, and just give your body some deserved food love, be sure to download my free Belly Busting Meal Plan Guide below!

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