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I Broke up with my Scale


When it came to losing weight, I used to turn to my scale to measure my progress, and when I didn’t like what I saw, my mind would slip into depression, feeling foolish at all the toil and trouble I went through to skip desserts, say no to carbs, and workout until I was a huffing and puffing sweaty animal beast.

I felt like I was constantly fighting with my scale

When the numbers would dip down from the previous measurement, I was overcome with joy. But, when I saw my scale numbers hike back up again, I was devastated and when I felt devastated, I felt defeated. Why the hell am I busting my ass everyday to live a healthier life when my scale was telling me otherwise???

The emotional rollercoaster was well-oiled and an ever-so popular destination that my mind raced to.

Little did I know that my scale never truly tells me the full story….

I mean, all it spits out is my weight…that’s it. Should that really be the be-all, end-all of measuring my progress? Does that make any sense?

Well, considering what I know now about what it means to be healthy, the answer is obviously….no.

While your scale does measure your weight, it does not measure how many inches you may have lost from your healthy lifestyle, how you feel when you slip on a pair of pants that you could NEVER fit into, or how much stronger you actually are. After all, muscle weighs more than fat, and when it comes to losing weight and getting the biggest bang for your buck, your muscle development game is key!

Ready for a mind-blow?

When it comes to “losing weight”, what you are really after is “losing fat” and gaining muscle. When fat is replaced with muscle, your body weight will increase, but your waistline, thighs, arms, etc will shrink…thanks to the metabolism-boosting, fat-burning power of muscles. So if you see a bigger number on your scale, but are fitting into your old prom dress from 20 years ago, you definitely built some muscle, and your body is reaping the benefits from it. THAT is your end-goal.

If you want to better understand why girls should lift weights, read my post here.

So moral of the story?

Don’t let your scale hold you back or tell you that you aren’t hitting your health goals…. You are making so much more progress that cannot be seen by how much you weigh! I decided to give my scale the boot (and perhaps went a tad-overboard with my pent-up frustration over the damn thing), and have decided to focus my attention on what I was already doing – eating better, exercising, and LISTENING to how my body feels.

What is your experience with your bathroom scale? Have you broken up with it yet?

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