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How Do I Gain My Muscles without Losing Weight for Women | Ask Amanda Episode 01


How Do I Gain Muscle without Losing Weight for Women?

Welcome to our first ever episode of Ask Amanda, where I answer your burning questions related to health, mental wellness, and self-improvement!┬áThis question, “How to Gain Muscles without Losing Weight for Women” actually came from one of my videos, and I felt it to be the perfect topic of discussion for today! Got a question? Comment below and I will be sure to tackle it today or on the next episode!

1. Type of Workout

Ok, if you are looking to build muscle, you need to introduce weight-lifting 2-3 times per week in your workout regimen. Weight-lifting has always been my most successful method for growing and building muscle WITHOUT feeling big. I have done several types of programs that include weight-lifting/weight-training in the curriculum, including 21-Day Fix and Master’s Hammer and Chisel.

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2. Nutrition+ Calories You Take in

In addition to your workout, if you are looking to maintain your weight but build muscle, you need to make sure you are satisfying your daily calorie intake. How do you know what your calorie intake is? Let me walk you through it!

Step 1: What Type of Lifestyle do you Have? (this does not include your workout regimen)

-Sedentary (office job, not on feet very much during the day)

– Moderate (light housework, is on feet for part of the day)

-Heavy (Manual Labor, on feet all day)

Step 2: Depending on your lifestyle, multiply your current weight by one of the following:

-Sedentary: Current Weight x 11

-Moderate: Current Weight x 12

-Heavy: Current Weight x 13

this gives you your daily calorie baseline – aka, what your body needs everyday to survive!

Step 3: Calculate your Caloric Need

Whatever value you calculate from the prior step, take that number and add 450 calories (this is the average number of calories burned in a typical workout for 21 Day Fix Extreme); if you are doing a different workout, find out what the average number of calories you will burn and add that number to your daily calorie baseline number.

Since you are looking to maintain your weight, the number you calculate here will be the number of calories you MUST consume every single day in order to effectively build muscle and keep your weight where it is.

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