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Disclosure: I was not paid by ButcherBox to review their products. My husband and I really wanted to try them out and give my honest review on what I thought about this service. If you decide to purchase through one of my links in this post, I will receive a small commission from ButcherBox at no extra cost to you. My deepest gratitude and love to you!

Ever wondered what Butcher Box was all about? Here is my full review of this meat subscription service, how we use it, as well as an unboxing to reveal what exactly we get every month. Watch the video below or keep on reading!


Recently, my husband and I decided it was high time to try Whole30. This was my second spin around the Whole30 block, but Ethan was about to get his health cherry popped.

And while we traversed the difficult path of this diet, we came to a conclusion: getting high quality meat was a must.

We used to be rabid meat eaters, but with the greater focus on vegetables in our diet, we just don’t eat as much as we used to. But, of what we eat, we want it to be quality and good for us.

But getting high quality (especially organic) meat is….ahem….freaking expensive! Like, almost double what we would have normally paid for the regular antibiotic-pumped steaks or hyper-genetically modified chicken breasts. How can we afford to eat high quality meat without destroying our wallets?!

And that’s when we stumbled upon Butcher Box subscription service. We just got our Butcher box subscription service, and I reviewed what’s inside + got a discount code for you my subscribers!
Get $10 Off Your First Order of ButcherBox+ Free Bacon

When it comes to eating meat, quality always reigns supreme. I have come to learn this lesson time and time again, so I always look out for meats that are ethically sourced and 100% grass-fed and grass finished.

Why the fuss?

Well, not only does grass-fed taste better, but it is also healthier and safer to consume, ensuring you are eating similar quality meats our ancestors have years before.

But….getting beef and chicken that meet this criteria can be very expensive.

So, we decided to invest in Butcher box subscription service – a beef, chicken, and pork delivery service that brings you 100% grass finished meat that meets strict grass fed standards, all at a reasonable price. I did an unboxing of our first box and a review.

I was also given a discount code to share with all my subscribers for $10 off their first purchase of Butcher Box as well as a free package of their nitrate/nitrite/antibiotic-free bacon- which is a huge plus for anyone doing Whole30!

Whole30 meat that is approved in the food lineup! Yay 🙂

--> Get $10 Off Your First Order + Free Bacon

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