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Can You Lose Weight with Yoga? | The TRUTH + Tips


This is the one question I have heard mixed opinions about all over the YOGI community.

Some are dead set against the idea of yoga for weight loss.

But after some research and peeping through a ton of Youtube videos, I have found a common thread that permeates this question….

Yoga comes in many forms – some of which are meditative in nature while others are much more intense

can you lose weight with yoga

Who knew, right?

Yoga that is purely meditative in nature will not DIRECTLY help you lose weight.


All yoga, including the more mindful, calm ones, have HUGE benefits both on and off the mat.

Yoga has the ability to center yourself, to shut out all the noise of the world, and fully be aware and present. You destress and are able to mentally see clearly.

And because of Yoga, you are better able to make GOOD decisions for yourself throughout the day

You may think this is a stretch, but I know firsthand that a good healthy life is one where your MIND and BODY are in sync.

You can’t be really successful with your fitness or food choices if all you do is lie on the couch watching Scandal and eating cookies.

Ya just can’t. 

But with the right mindset, thanks to Yoga, you are less likely to stress eat, more likely to choose good foods that your body wants, stay consistent with your workouts, and just love being in your own skin.

can i lose weight with yogaNow, as for the more intense forms of yoga….

if you want to DIRECTLY lose weight with yoga, you will want to concentrate your efforts on the more intense forms of yoga – the types that raise your heart rate.

When your heart rate rises, your breathing and sweat ramp up. Your muscles over time will begin to tone, producing more fat-burning potential in your body.

So, yes, you can lose weight with yoga IF you follow through, stay consistent, and eat a good diet.


As you can tell…I cannot say this part enough.

I used to FAIL HARD when it came to eating a clean diet. I always thought I could out-run or out-yoga a bad diet, but in the end, I could not lose the weight. It was frustrating to say the very least.

The day I smartened up and decided to really give this clean eating thing a shot was when I noticed major differences in my body – eventually helping me to lose 15 lbs and 4 inches from my waist in the process.

==> Read more about my mindset change and how I lost the weight

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I personally love a healthy mix of intense and meditative yoga – because I do want that balance of strength and stress-relief strategies….especially when I know my day is going to be bananas.

can i lose weight with yoga - 3 week yoga retreat
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So the program I love to follow is the 3 Week Yoga Retreat

This is a program that is for Yogi beginners like me who learn the basic yoga moves and master them over a period of 3 weeks.

This program is taught by certified Yoga trainers and I most certainly work up a sweat with the poses.

However, I also leave the mat feeling calm, serene, and ready to work.

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Do you agree that Yoga is a good method for weight loss? Comment and share below!

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