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Can Yoga Make You Taller?


Ever wondered if Yoga actually Makes you Taller? We will crack that question in this video!

Perhaps you are considering adding Yoga to your fitness routine or already mastering those chatarangas. But, have you ever noticed that Yoga actually makes you feel taller? Is this real?

Well, when it comes to Yoga, it cannot physically help you grow inches.

So..the short answer is no.

BUT, because yoga vastly improves your posture and mental well-being, you naturally will begin to walk with your shoulders back and chin up….

and guess what….that gives you the appearance of looking taller and self-confident.

The benefits of yoga are boundless, and this is probably one of my favorite reasons.

You just FEEL so good, inside and out, that your body language cannot help but show it.

When you are feeling good about yourself and your routine, your daily practices will tend to become healthier. You choose better foods. You stay consistent with your workouts and you exude a quiet confidence that is so attractive.

So, keep on with your yoga. You are doing yourself so much good.

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