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What is Clean Eating and Is it Bad for You?


What is clean eating and is it bad for you?

You may have heard about the term clean eating…

but of late, this term has garnered some negative attention.

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I have been eating clean for the past four years, and I am saddened by how twisted and stigmatized the word “clean” is.

And it further saddens me how this type of lifestyle is lumped into the restrictive eating category based on societal pressure to always “eat clean”.

In the video above, I explain what the term clean eating is about, why it’s been stigmatized, and how you can still benefit from it using your best judgement.

With all that being said…

Clean eating is a great, holistic way to approach nutrition, without having the ANNOYING requirements of counting calories or obsessing over small details. It can have its drawbacks, particularly when it’s used as a tool for competition and not as a resource that can be adjusted to your personal lifestyle. However, like many things in life, it’s all about perspective.

Clean eating IS A GUIDE. Not an “end-all. Be-all” mindset.

If you are ready to start eating clean and seeing food in a whole new way, be sure to download my FREE meal plan guide strategy – where I walk you through how to pick the right foods that are super targeted to your health goals and how to plan out your meals every week without wanting to veer dangerously off your diet game.

After using this strategy for 90 days, I started to see amazing results – like losing 15lbs and feeling like a fucking warrior!

It’s all in the little things we do that help make a big difference in our health.

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