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Positive Thinking: 4 Methods to Combat Negative Thoughts


Today I want to touch on a topic that has been on my mind lately, and that topic is….dealing with negative thoughts.

As some of you know, I am an full-time entrepreneur and I recently quit my full-time engineering job to pursue a life that is better aligned to my purpose.

But starting my own business does come with its own challenges…

….particularly dealing with all the negative thoughts that constantly seem to berate me everyday and reversing their effects to achieve a more positive thinking mindset.

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Negativity can be a dangerous perspective, especially to a fledging career builder like myself because if we are not operating with positivity and a hope that we can make a difference with our services, we as business owners will never go very far.

negative thoughts; positive thinking

The ONLY difference between someone who has failed in their creative ventures and someone who succeeds is their ability to recognize negative thoughts, break the irrational fears, and continue on with their goals. That’s it.

When we are under the influence of negativity, the world around us looks dreadful, hopeless, and we ourselves feel insignificant and worthless. We begin to doubt ourselves and our abilities to serve others. This is negativity rearing its ugly head, and I will share 4 tips to help you recognize when this shift into negativity starts to happen, methods to slow down and rationally evaluate the situation, and shift back into a positive thinking mindset.


When you find yourself in a state of panic/depression/self-loathing, you simply need to take a break from the situation and step away. Put down your phone/your laptop/step out of the room.


When we enter into a state of negativity and spiraling negative thoughts, our bodies go into panic mode and we forget to breathe. Breathing helps to SLOW YOU DOWN and help you go from a super reactive state to one that bring rationality back into the situation.

combat negative thoughts; positive thinking


A huge part of negativity stems from our irrational fears that probably stemmed from past negative experiences. Naturally, over the years, we learned to cope by going into an autopilot panic/negativity mode when we find ourselves having negative thoughts. So, to help calm you down and place some rationality back into your perspective, take a few seconds to evaluate your state and give it a number.

Doing this simple thing helps to separate YOU from the negativity, giving you the space to begin to think rationally.


Once you have calmed yourself down and snapped back to a more constructive mindset, you are now ready to evaluate WHAT happened. What trigger event/words did you see that caused you to react the way you did? Was it an image or what someone did or said that started to send you into a spiral of negative thoughts?

When you identify your trigger, take some time to analyze the subsequent negative thoughts you had and slowly begin to unravel them one by one. Think about what you were telling yourself that led you down the road of panic and negativity. Were you telling yourself you were stupid or not-worthy of the good in this world because you made a simple mistake? Did you equate your self-worth to something that is just going the way its supposed to?

My point is, take some time to analyze what you were telling yourself that led you to be fearful and negative and recognize the distortion in those fears.

The more you practice and do this, the better you will be at recognizing negativity AS it happens and the QUICKER you can get over it and back into a more constructive, positive mindset.

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What did you think of these tips? Have you tried any of these before? How did they work for you? Please share in the comments below!


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