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Connecting with Nature: How to DeStress and Relax

Did you know that connecting with nature is actually a great way to relieve some stress, relax, and clear your mind? Here is a video that details why:


Have you ever felt stressed, fatigued, disconnected from the present, and just generally burnt out? Maybe, connecting nature to your emotional well-being is the very therapy you need.

I know I have felt stressed out, and it’s totally not a fun state of mind to be in… You feel anxious and your brain is clouded, causing you to lose focus and clarity. That is tough, but luckily for us, one simple way to recharge and regain that sense of clarity is right outside our building, nature!

Why is connecting Nature to your body such a big deal?

Our ancestors have relied on nature and nature has sustained us for centuries, giving us its energy and we give it back energy when we reconnect or come back in direct contact with nature, connecting nature to your soul through its elements. Ever felt so much better after touching grass with your toes or putting your hands in soil? Every time you do that, you connect with nature!

You essentially are grounding yourself back to nature, connecting nature and your body’s energy together, becoming one with the elements!

So the next time you need a break or time to refresh, think about stepping outside and taking in good ol’ Mother Nature.

Do you guys love going outside and reconnecting with nature?

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