Country Heat workout calender

Country Heat Workout Calendar [Printable Templates]

You may have heard about Beachbody’s release of Country Heat, a fun, easy-to-follow workout program that combines country music with line-dancing moves.

I’ll be completely honest when I say that I had my doubts about this program.


I am not a huge fan of country music and also, have the biggest two left feet on the planet. I don’t want to feel like that person who gets shoved in the back of dance class because I couldn’t ball-change left sashe and camel-kick (btw, I made up half of these moves; I really don’t have a clue what I am saying).

So, when I decided to give this a shot, I was less than hopeful.CH_Wk2_Day7

But, I am happy to say that I was wrong. Despite my fears, I was actually having fun EXERCISING. WHAAAAAAAT?!??!?!

Read more details about the Country Heat Workout Program

With the Country Heat workouts, I am so EXCITED to get up in the mornings and dance my butt off. Even though I mess up some moves, I don’t really care. It was like I was dancing at a wedding with free abandon after having one too many cocktails. Plus, I never get bored because the moves change every 2 minutes!

Each 30-minute workout is specifically designed to rev up your heart rate, torch fat, and help you get lean, strong and feeling amazing!

 Download the Country Heat Workout CalendarCountry Heat Workout

In addition, for maximum results, adding the dance floor conditioning workouts starting on week 2 helps to sculpt your arms, flatten your abs, and tighten your lower body without weights or equipment.

Anybody else love dancing like no one is watching? Who is excited about this new program? Comment and share below!

-xo Amanda, The Buzzed Coach


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