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I TRIED TO CURE A PINCHED NERVE AT HOME | Pain Relief Exercises+ Posture Hacks + Best Pillows

Getting pain relief from a pinched nerve is NOT an easy thing to do. Come with me as I explore different pain relief exercises, posture hacks, and pillows in this grand personal experiment.

I have been suffering from a pinched nerve for about a month now, and I am ready to find any home remedies and treatments to get some pain relief and solve the problem at the source.

Guys, getting a pinched nerve is MISERABLE!

My neck is always tight and sore and I wake up in constant pain from badly made pillows. This is not a cute way to live.

So I decided to take you on this journey with me while I find and try different pinched nerve exercise treatments for pain relief, various pillows suited for a pinched nerve, and various ways to improve my posture to help speed up the healing process and get this pain out for good.


Pinched Nerve Pain Relief Exercises (BOB & BRAD)

ASK DOCTOR JO Neck Exercises

Recommended Chair Positions for a Good Posture

+++++MORE TO FOLLOW++++++

This is just Part 1 of my journey towards healing. I have learned some new techniques that I will be using daily, as well as others that do not work well for me.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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