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6 Healthy Tips for Women Bloggers and Artists

In the world of blogging and art, a lot of the world relies on the dexterity of your fingers and the sharpness of your minds. And anything that can help you hone those skills is bound to help you and your business.

So, what are my secret healthy tips for entrepreneurial women for being a better artist and blogger? Well, surprisingly, the answer is a lot more simple than you think. You don’t need special tools or fancy paintbrushes. You need the healing powers of diet and exercise.

Now, you are probably wondering how eating health and exercising daily can possibly open up secret inner artist and blogger skills that you never knew you had.

Well, I can say from experience, I have blogged on and off and tried to perfect my painting craft for many years, and it’s only when I started disciplining myself with eating well and raising my heart rate with daily exercise and better nutrition that I began to see marked improvements in how I communicate and express myself on both my canvas and my online presence.

I began to see that the more ways I can feel really good, my life and my work will always fall into place.

So really the name of the game here is do good by your body so you can be a productive badass entrepreneur!

So how does diet and exercise help? Here are my healthy tips:

1. Helps make you optimistic

diet and exercise can help make you more optimistic
Unsplash / Pixabay

It’s a fact. Happier people are more productive and can bang out more articles and canvas art faster than you can say “Create”. Exercising is a huge mood enhancer because it’s a guaranteed way of increasing seratonins levels in your body (the happy hormone); plus, you feel more accomplished when you push your body to capacity post workout…post-workout high anyone?

2. Gives You More Energy

more energy, more art potential, blog better with exercise
Yulia24041989 / Pixabay

When you tank up your car, you would probably use either gas fuel or diesel, right? Because your car will run the best with that type of fuel. But would you put water or hamburgers in your gas tank to fuel your car? I hope not, because then your car won’t run properly.

In fact, you would move 1/4″ and your engine would blow out, and your car will not function anymore.

The same goes for your body. Your body is a machine; so when you feed it the right type of fuel (whole foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, fatty fish, and nuts), your body will run at max capacity and you will feel like a freakin’ king of the world with good energy your body wants. When you feel good from all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you eat, you WANT to do stuff. You want to write that article or be more sociable in your networking or be that much more expressive in your painting.

Ever noticed how zenned out and at peace you feel when you are feeling good? The only way to go is up!

You probably never noticed this before, but take some time to track what you eat and how you feel afterwards. What you may have thought was just a bad workday may indeed be caused by a bad food day.

3. Helps clear your mind

Exercising can help clear your mind
edar / Pixabay

Ever had a huge meal and felt sleepy or just have a big case of the brain fog? That happened to me a lot, and it made me realize how inefficient and lazy I would get with my work. I would not complete my daily tasks because I had trouble concentrating and focusing on the task at hand. And because I wasn’t getting my work done, I would feel waves of guilt and anxiety. No good…no good!
Food plays a huge role with this.

When your body is overloaded and does not get a well-balanced mix of good healthy wholesome food, several things will happen:

  • Your body will slow down because it’s working to break down and digest what you ate. As a result, everything else in your body comes second in priority, like your brain function to do thinking. It no workee no mo’
  • If you eat highly processed or sugary foods, your insulin levels will go through a huge roller coaster ride, giving you that sugar high and huge burst of energy and shortly thereafter a huge sugar crash, where you feel crabby, irritable, unfocused, weak, and hungry AGAIN! Try working when you feel super hangry…no one wants that.
  • If you are sensitive/allergic to certain foods like gluten or dairy, consuming them might actually do more harm than good to your career. Your body may react in certain ways like inflammation (pants feel tighter, and you feel icky and fat), brain fog (whoa, where am I?), and sad tummies (indigestion huuuuuuurts). That is not a good place for a thriving blog or art entrepreneur like yourself to be in.

Like I mentioned before, you need to FEEL good!

4. Prevents muscular discomfort and organ failure

exercise can help improve posture and prevent the bad effects of sitting for longer periods of time
Unsplash / Pixabay

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time actually increases your risk of organ damage and muscular discomfort like strained neck, back pain, and herniated discs?

Most bloggers and artists tend to sit for several hours at a time and may be experiencing some of these very issues without the magic of exercise to increase their muscle strength.

Can you imagine having back pain or carpal tunnel with a huge deadline coming up? Talk about major stress added to your body hurts. Exercising daily will not only engage and grow your muscles, but it will improve your posture and decrease your chances of muscular discomfort and organ damage.

5. Improves your endurance

exercise improves endurance, artist help, blogger tips
hohlstein / Pixabay

Endurance is key in your work because you need to dedicate hours at a time to your writing or art. Feeling pooped or fatigued won’t do you any good in meeting your deadlines.

One big plus endurance can provide is better posture because your muscles are stronger but also gives you the ability to stand more.

Now working standing up, as opposed to the detriments of sitting for long periods, has its advantages like improving your posture even more, feel more engaged with your work, less “work” to actually move around (I know it’s happened before where I just don’t want to get up to grab that extra paint brush or get up to fold some laundry…lazy girl syndrome)

Now if you exercise daily, you increase your muscle strength and overall endurance, helping you stand up for hours without feeling drained or exhausted. You might even speed through your work in a quicker fashion and be done early enough to squeeze in a nap or healthy snack! It’s a win-win situation

6. Great Stress-Reliever

relieving stress with exercise is super effective, better blogger, better artist
Greyerbaby / Pixabay

Seriously, how many times have you wanted to just reach through your screen and lovingly silly slap the cahoots out of a client? Or how many times have you hit the famous creative block wall, where nothing is speaking to you, and all you want to do is punch out your canvas?

Well sitting there and fretting about it won’t do you any good. But getting up and raising that heart rate will.

Exercising is wonderful when it comes to relieving stress because A) it helps you breathe more and take in more beneficial oxygen to mull over the situation and B) it helps take the focus away from your troubles and brings it back to you fighting gravity and sweat….it’s almost like going back to our natural survival roots. Escaping for a little while always helps to put things into perspective for us.

What can you do now to incorporate more exercise and better foods in your diet?

  1. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, with some weights if possible. Read my post about why girls should lift more.
  2. Plan your meals in advance so you can have snacks and dishes ready to go
  3. Meal prep your food for easy grab and on-the-go eats
  4. Track your daily food habits in a journal and listen to how your body reacts to what foods you eat; this helps you figure out what foods you agree and disagree with, and helps you focus on food items that make you feel amazing
  5. Work with me one-on-one to get you back in the best healthy shape of your life 🙂  and all you need to do is fill out the form below:

Read my post here about how I lost 15lbs and 4″ from my waist

Do you think exercising and dieting makes you a better blogger or artist? Comment and share!

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