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How to Portion Control With Your Hand | Weight-Loss Hack


Hi lovelies!

In the video above, I showed you a super easy way to portion control and determine serving sizes with just your hands!

I am not a huge fan of dragging around multiple containers when it comes to figuring out how much of something I should be eating; but I do know how important it is to stay within my health goals.

So after some digging around, I found a way to portion control and monitor my meal serving sizes WITHOUT having to use a measuring cup or containers….I just need to use one hand (hopefully the one I carry with me on my person!)

It’s easy to learn and super effective to use. I also included a FREE visual Hand Rule Graphic that you can download for reference!

==>Download my Hand Rule for Portion Control Guide

What did you think about the hand rule? Is it easy enough to follow?

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