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How to stay on top of your workouts while traveling

My weekends are usually jam-packed with fun gatherings with friends or family and awesome food. Other times, my work schedule is brimming with business travel with long schedules. Oftentimes, these events can be a burden if I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle consisting of workouts and healthy eating, but entirely impossible. Here are a few tips that have worked for me when it comes to fitting workouts with my travel schedule.

1. Set aside some time to workout 

 You need to set yourself up for success, and just like scheduling time to eat food and travel, you should also factor in some time (20-30minutes) to do your workout. With my own busy schedule, I usually schedule my workouts in the morning before the rest of the world decides to bless me with mounds of responsibilities. So, look for a window of time that is not super busy (usually a day or two before) and stick to it!

2. See if there is a nearby fitness center, BUT don’t bank on always finding one!


I cannot stress this enough. Every vacation, holiday, or business trip I have done, I could never find a convenient gym location, and my plans for working out always fell through. If you know ahead of time that there is a gym facility nearby with easy access, then you can rest easy and target your time to go there…..but if you are not certain…..

3. Always have a plan B: use the space around you

So once I made the mistake of having no gym to call my own, I resorted to using the spaces around me to workout. How so? I just need my hotel room/guest bedroom/pull out couch area + my laptop. I have a PiYo DVD set I follow that I can watch and do without equipment or fancy accessories. All I need is my body and enthusiasm.

If a laptop is nowhere to be found, I usually do a series of PiYo-inspired squat workouts that help me break a sweat, and are usually done within 10 minutes.

4. Make it enjoyable


Really, the last thing you want is your workout to be the ultimate pain the butt when you are on travel. Play your favorite songs that help move you, create a playlist, watch your favorite show, or listen to a podcast. You will be surprised how time will slip by when your mind is preoccupied with an enjoyable activity.

5. Do a workout with a partner/have someone hold you accountable 

Or, if you like working out with someone else, get your travel partner to do a workout with you or at least hold you accountable. Usually, I like to keep tabs in my own challengers to make sure they are staying on track with their healthy routines; by doing this, my challengers are more likely to stick to their workouts and pay more attention to their nutrition habits

6. Just MOVE!


If you just cannot get out of bed, you are dreading the the moment you need to workout, or you don’t really have the strength to do your workout, just look for opportunities to move around. Use the stairs instead of the elevators, go on walks when touring, do some squat exercises in the bathroom stall, anything to keep you moving!

Got it? Good!

My rule of thumb is always to stay active and do something active every day-whether it be within a dedicated workout program or integrated within your activities. We all have our bad days or weeks, and the temptation to just not do anything sounds super delicious, but I tend to feel less like my usual motivated, cheery, energetic self when I skip a workout or not even DO anything, especially after a few skipped days.

So, remember to never go more than 3 days without working out. Any longer, and you will find yourself struggling to get back to your previous level.

Keep on it for the good of your health and mind!

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