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I Survived Whole 30 {Mockumentary Survival Guide}


Learn how two brave women survived the grueling journey that is Whole 30 in this mockumentary survival guide.

Whole 30 is definitely not an easy elimination diet to follow – in fact, I barely survived Whole 30. In this mockumentary survival guide, two women recount their experience with the Whole 30 diet, sharing their horror stories of survival, foods they ate, before and after results.

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(You will definitely be thanking Charlene for this!)

Whole 30 is meant to be a food and body awareness diet, to be strictly followed for 30 days straight. The key to surviving is focusing on foods you can have and love the shit out of it.

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For all my ladies who love this diet, please know that I respect what you do and in no way want to diminish what this diet can really do for us trying to lose weight and live healthier lives. This video is just a snippet of how it feels to actually EXPERIENCE Whole 30 in a manner that is close to home for me.

What do you think of Whole30? Have you tried it? Comment below!

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