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Why Losing Weight is Utterly Pointless


Losing weight is pointless and a waste of time!

In this video, I will explain the key misconceptions we place on the term “weight-loss” and the real goal we are all trying to achieve…

When it comes to getting rid of belly fat, saggy arms, and your delicious thunder thighs, your KEY FOCUS is FAT LOSS not weight loss

….because quite honestly, your scale will not show you how many inches you lost. Never ever ever!!!

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Excess fat stored in your body takes 3 times more space than muscle. Yes…3 times more volume!

That means when you lose fat and gain muscle, your body (and fat area) will shrink; this will manifest as losing inches, getting a leaner body and more definition.

And in addition to the decrease in space, you will also increase your fat-burning potential, allowing you to burn fat even when you’re not working out!

Whereas focusing on just “weight” is a little too broad. You can lose weight, but that might involve losing water and muscle mass, which are your personal fat-burning machines.

Once those decrease, you will have a tougher time losing weight! Talk about a bummer!

That is why losing weight is a pointless focus of your time and energy!

Instead, think about losing fat and inches. That is a better indication of what is really going on with your health journey.

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