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Why Am I Not Losing Weight?


We are going to go over some common reasons to break your weight loss plateau.

1. Your Diet is Off

Are you eating all the macronutrients you should be eating? like your proteins, vegetables, fruits, grains? If you are missing these essential food groups, your body is going to suffer from malnutrition.

Losing weight is 20% exercise and 80% diet! That means no matter how much you bust your butt at the gym, you will not see HUGE results. It’s only when you adjust your diet that you will start to see a change in your body.

2. You’re not measuring the right things

Using your bathroom scale may not be the best indicator of your weight loss journey. If your scale is telling you that you haven’t lost any weight…or even gained weight EVEN though you have been exercising and eating well, don’t throw in the towel just yet!

What your scale fails to tell you is what is happening inside your body.

With a great diet and exercise, our bodies transform fat into muscle, and as we all know, muscle weighs MORE than fat, and takes up 1/3 less volume than fat. Meaning, you might actually gain weight on the scale, but lose inches all around your body. So, if you are measuring your progress based off the scale, but see that your clothes are fitting you better or are looser on you, then you are definitely making huge progress and should shift your focus to these NON-SCALE victories instead of relying on a stupid scale (ok I’m biased, but it’s true!)

3. Over-stressing Your Body

So let’s say you did everything in your power to hit the gym and eat like a champion… but after some time, you either feel constantly fatigued or just not seeing any difference in your body. This might be a sign that your body is over-stressed from constantly hitting it hard at the gym…and it’s asking you for a break.

This is the perfect example of how your body wants to work SMARTER and not HARDER. When it comes to weightloss, putting your body in a constant state of stress releases hormones in your body that will trigger you into “survival” mode – and your body is going to hold onto fat for dear life because like our ancestors before us- they don’t know where their next food source will be – so they need to buckle down with the fat and keep it as long as possible.

This of course is no-bueno.

We are giving our bodies the wrong signal if this is happening. So, simply put, just take a break from the gym.

Instead of going 4-6 times a week, try instead to do 2-3 sessions of high to moderate workouts and do light forms of exercises (like yoga or walking!) 1-2 times a week. Trust me, your body will relax and signal that it’s not in distress and will let go of that fat.

So as you can see…when it comes to weight-loss, it’s not just about working out more!

Instead, think about your weight-loss journey as a process that will take time and will slowly -but surely- give you the results you are looking for!

What are you thoughts? Do you agree with my tips? Comment and share below!

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