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PRANCERCISING PARODY | SPOOF Fitness Workout Program at Home


This prancercising parody is THE perfect fitness workout that helps you perfect your prance game

Prancercising was a pretty big internet sensation a few years ago, and despite my best efforts, I really did sweat my bum off trying to film this spoof. Prancercising is NO JOKE!

This prancercising parody spoof video pays homage to the original prancercise lady – Joanna Rohrback!

If there is anything I love, it is dancing around, feeling good, and shaking my bum in public! Prancercising workouts are actually surprisingly tough – I found myself constantly out-of-breath. There is legit focus involved with this lovely new dance workout aerobics exercise.

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If you want to prancercise at home or in your neighborhood, grab some good shoes, a music player with headphones, and go!

Play your favorite songs, tap your toes, and let the music just take you!

Would you try prancercising? Comment below!