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The Power of Your Thoughts

Have you ever thought about how the way you THINK affects how you live your life?
Me too.

Up until a year ago, I always thought “healthy” was for people who LOVED exercising and eating kale all day every day.

And I made up my mind that I didn’t want to be like that because I FELT I couldn’t be like that.
I felt every time I would make the effort to workout, to eat better, to break my fear of being good enough for others, that I would HIT a wall hard.the power of your thoughts
I couldn’t lose the weight. I couldn’t give up eating bread. I couldn’t go a day without having negative thoughts about myself.

And the more I said that to myself, the more I believed it.

Does this sound familiar?

I finally broke this vicious cycle when I decided to go all in and really be surrounded by others who were just like me, struggling with weight and trying to find some slice of positivity with our lives.

I joined a challenge group. I chose a program that pushed my limits. I found a group of women who cheered me on and believes in my potential. I began to eat better and really see my body as a temple. I stopped comparing myself to others, and instead, decided to be the change I wanted.

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And it all was possible because I CHANGED MY MIND, threw away my excuses, and embodied the change I so desperately wanted to be. I became the change I wanted to see.

Do you have a similar story? How do you overcome your doubts and fears? Comment below or message me to share your story ❤️

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