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5 Time Management Tips for Busy People

You’re probably wondering how the HECK do I find the time to run my online coaching business along with handling my busy full-time job, planning a wedding, while juggling a social life and being present with my fiance….

and my answer is….(drum roll please)…..TIME MANAGEMENT, pure and simple 😍


Now, I always SUCKED at time management.

When I first opened my coaching business a year ago, I was struggling to find the time to handle it while balancing my full time job. I found I was staying up late at night, waking up extra early, sleep deprived, and anxious because I was not seeing any progress with my business, and I was just BUSY running around doing “stuff”.

Sound familiar?

So I had to stop, evaluate, and do some more soul-searching to really figure out what was eating my time…and the answer was…me!

I noticed I had precious pockets of time that I filled with casual time-sucking chores like scrolling my Facebook newsfeed (need I say more?) and pinning 30,405,059 things on Pinterest.

Knowing where to put my uninterrupted attention at any particular time in the day helps me stay focused. Doing this has helped me pay down my credit card debt, fully pay off my car loan, and hacking away at my school loans, bringing me one step closer to my goal of financial freedom and living debt-free!

So what is my routine look like?

You ready for this?

I wake up every morning, workout for 30 minutes, sit down at my desk, review my coaching to-do list, and bang out my top 3 priorities in 1 hour. Then once that hour is up, I close my laptop and proceed with my day.

mind blown!

That’s it.

Just doing that one hour a day has helped me grow as a leader, develop great time management skills, personally develop myself to handle tough situations, and inspire people to push themselves beyond their comfort level to health.

Is your mind blown yet?

So here are my top 5 best time management tips that you can use RIGHT NOW to help you reach your goals faster and more effectively:

1. Make the Time

Maybe this was obvious, but I want to make the point clear. Time doesn’t just appear out of nowhere when we wish for it. If you think that you would be a better time manager if you just HAD the time, you are limiting your thinking. Whether it be one hour before you need to start your day, before bed, or just small pockets of super focused time during the day, YOU must make the time. You need to make the schedule fit and not the other way around.

2. Time yourself

If you want to really get your items on your to-do list done, you need to be hyper-focused and away from any distractions. I usually find a quiet space to do my work, whether it be for 1 hour or 15 minute intervals; basically, once the timer is on, work begins and you will not stop until the timer goes off!

3. list of 3 specific MUST do items

If we had all the time in the world, I would do everything. But, like many of you, I operate with just 24 hours at my disposal. If you aren’t familiar with the pareto principle, basically 20% of what you do everyday is bringing you closer your goals, and the other 80% is just filler, background “nice-to-do” work.

For me, 20% of my activities that help drive my business forward is centered around people and forming relationships with them. The other 80% is menial work like scheduling blog posts, making graphics, scrolling the newsfeeds, website maintenance, etc.

So when you sit down to plan out your tasks for the day, think about the top 3 tasks that you NEED to get done for the day to propel you closer to your goals. Make those your top priority; everything else can be done when you have more time.

4. Write it down the night before

When you think about those 3 tasks, write them down the night before. I cannot tell you how many times that I, despite my best efforts, completely blank when I wake up in the morning and cannot remember what I was supposed to do.

Write it down on a sticky note, put it on your desk, and peace out until the morning. Your groggy sleepy self will thank you.

hey! Hey! I see you! No social media, mkay?

5. Don’t be tempted by social media

I know it’s tempting, but try to avoid looking at your social media newsfeed until your hour is up. Those cat videos and crazy funny memes can wait.

These 5 tips have helped me take BACK control of my business and helped me really think critically on the stuff I need to do first to make me reach my goals faster!

Anyone else got any other good time management tips? Please share!

Need some help figuring out time management? No worries, comment below or send me a message <3

-xo Amanda, The Buzzed Coach

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