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TRYING WELEDA NATURAL DEODORANT SPRAY Review + Odor Test | Aluminum-Free & NO Baking Soda

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I have had bad luck with natural deodorants in the past….but I decided to give Weleda natural deodorant spray a shot.


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When I decided to make the switch over to natural aluminum-free deodorants without baking soda, I expected the journey to be smooth going. Sadly, it was not. Instead, my first experience of “going natural” were met with increased amounts of sweat, more odor, and a super grumpy Amanda.

That was until I discovered that this is my body’s way of detoxing all the chemicals and long-time usage of regular deodorants.

So while I was detoxing, I decided to switch over to aluminum free natural deodorant citrus spray called Weleda. Since this was brand new for me, I decided to make this a review and testing of this product.

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I managed to work up a good sweat game (which I expected because, obviously, it’s deodorant, not an anti-perspirant) and when I did a smell test, I noticed little to no odors. Color me impressed!

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